Whole Foods Market at The Vineyard: SNEAK PEEK!

The excitement first started many months ago when we found out that Whole Foods was building its 2nd San Antonio Location in The Vineyard Shopping Center at Blanco & Loop 1604…

Now, with the Grand Opening only a few days away, we get our first SNEAK PEAK inside!

whole foods vineyard san antonio

This new Whole Foods is going to have way more cool things than we first anticipated…stuff we don’t have in the location at the Quarry Market.¬† While it will still have everything we do expect, such as healthy eating options, a bakery, specialty beer, wine & cheeses, meat & seafood markets and a fresh salad bar, this 40,000 sq.ft. store will also offer things like an additional All Organic Salad Bar, a BBQ Bar, Organic Rotisserie Chicken and even an actual BAR…with Local Wines & Beer on Tap…called Blanco Bar!

The Vineyard Whole Foods will even have some charging stations adjacent to the store for electric cars & will offer Personal Shopping Services (additional fee, of course).

Excited yet??

Well, here is your SNEAK PEEK… Check out all the photos & get yourself ready for the Grand Opening this coming Tuesday, September 18, 2012!

The store officially opens at 8:00 am… However, the Coffee Bar will be open at 7:00 for those who just can’t wait until 8:00!

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